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What Happens if I want to End the Lease Early?
Please contact us to request and early termination quotation.
What happens if I miss a payment?
Always inform the finance company before you miss a payment – they may be willing to give you a temporary reprieve if you let them know in advance. However, there are no guarantees and missing payments can lead to the car being repossessed.
What Happens at the End of a Lease Contract?
At the end of the lease you can arrange for the vehicle to be collected or you can extend the contract on a month by month basis. Sign up to the same vehicle for a further 6 or 12 months and get a discounted rental (depending on funder).
Is car Insurance included in the lease?
No. You have to arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance which needs to be in place before taking delivery. A comprehensive policy will need to be in place for the duration of the contract.
Will the Contract Include Road Fund Licence?
Yes either for the duration of the contract or for the first 12 months.  This depends on the type of contract taken.
What is the Initial Deposit?
Typically an initial deposit of 3 monthly payments is required.  Larger deposits may be required or can be given in order to reduce the monthly payments.
What are the Available Contract Lengths?
Our contracts range from 6-60 months dependent on the vehicle and the contract chosen.
What are the Options at the End of the Contract?
Depending on the type of the contract taken you can choose to; hand the car back, extend the contract or purchase the vehicle from the finance company.  Please note that all options are dependent on the funder.
What Happens in the Event of a Breakdown?
All New vehicles include at least 12 months breakdown cover from the manufacturers although many manufacturers now offer up to 3 years cover free of charge.
What if I Need a Replacement Vehicle?
If your contract included an optional relief car then this can be arranged by calling the maintenance number provided by the finance company.  Without a relief vehicle option a short term rental can be arranged at preferential rates through us.
What is the Maximum Mileages Available on Quotation?
The minimum mileage available is 6,000 miles per annum and the maximum is 40,000 per annum. However, if your estimated mileage is over 40,000 please call for options.
Is Maintenance Included?
Maintenance is an optional cost. Full details are available on request.
Do Vehicles Have A Warranty?
Yes, all our new vehicles come with the full UK manufacturer’s warranty. Our used vehicles will come with any residual manufacturer’s warranty, or a minimum of 6 months used car warranty.
Who Supplies The Vehicle?
All our vehicles are supplied through the UK dealer network and our trusted specialist suppliers.